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Exactly what I was looking for. Hooks, canvas, and roguelikes. Lots of good design patterns as well, at least so far. I will be going through this course but trying to implement the features using typescript. Please continue with another intermediate course. Thanks much.

Alex Barber

Very cool what you can do in under 3.5hrs! Morgan breaks down core concepts and gives you an overview of all the tooling needed to be successful with your game idea. Nice pacing and fairly comprehensive! Would love to see a more in dept discussion about grouping and managing assets and resources in both Tiled and Phaser. Great Tutorial!

Tech Ninja | Web & IT

So far I'm really enjoying the course. I get to follow allong and make a game. It's fun. I have a background in programming so I am having no issues following along as we create the game.

_ Adam _

This guide you through building the game and explain the things you need to know to setup this game. A fast way to get into Phaser.

Rob Van Der Galien

Really learned a lot and was extremely fun to complete. Thank you Morgan for the free course! Top lad.

David Mason

Gut nachvollziehbar und eine schöne Möglichkeit um erste Erfahrungen zu machen.

Jakob Küchler

Great tutorial, the pace is really good and I learned everything I need to start with phaser

Aaron Poncé

Excellent course! You will learn and practice a lot about JavaScript and Phaser during this course. Highly recommended.

Eduardo Ribeiro

Really great course!!!

Alfredo Dela Peña III

Thank you for nice content.


I was able to finish this course in a day. It lets your really exercise ES6 JS. The best approach if you're a "learn-by-doing" type of guy.

Nestor Jaba-an

I'm enjoying this very much!

Matthew Wilkinson

Amazing little course! Always enjoyed roguelikes, so it was great to build a basic one while learning about React hooks & also using canvas.


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